Facilitation, co-design, information dissemination, fundraising.


Social Service of the Municipalities Livenza Cansiglio Cavallo



December 2019
November 2021

Financing Line

Local funds


Facilitation, co-design, information&dissemination, fund-raising

Project Description

The Social Service of the Municipalities Livenza Cansiglio Cavallo, in the context of a territorial agreement, has taken the cue from the regional planning act for the fight against poverty, in order to share with the territory some reflections on interventions and services of social inclusion in specific areas through the coordinated planning among the subscribers and with the direct stakeholders.

The Agreement has the aim of supporting integrated processes of aid, support and accompaniment to be built with people and/or families who are in situations of social vulnerability, or at risk of social exclusion, and marginality.

The selected areas of discussion are: domiciliarity, minors and parenting, inclusion. Within the above mentioned areas, the social service has defined some topics of work following a methodological approach oriented to participation.

General objectives:

• to define and share a stakeholder involvement plan with the management office (staff, planning office and administrative accounting coordinator)

• support and facilitate in leading the working groups that will be created;

• disseminate the generation of ideas, return to the community, good practice analysis;

• writing design according to the project lines;

• recovery of resources through fundraising from regional, national, European funds.

• management of information, dissemination and pubishing of process results through social media, video, press.