Our Mission

I AM Progettazione was born with a particular social inclination and in the exercise of its activities it pursues common benefit goals by operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and environment, cultural and social assets and activities, institutions and associations and other stakeholders.

Our mission is to create new opportunities for development, innovation and growth along with our customers and territory, but also to increase the value and impact of existing initiatives, through the introduction of paths of facilitation, co-creation, knowledge transfer and network construction.

We are able to understand and interpret the development and innovation needs of institutions, organizations, associations and enterprises, enhancing them through co-generative and network approaches and crossing them with the main existing funding lines, not only at local, regional or national level, but also and above all at EU level.

Innovation and development are terms that recall complex references and require the analysis and continuous study of multiple scientific, technological, regulatory and management aspects. In the current economic and social context there is a great need to strategically plan any initiative that aims to achieve tangible and verifiable positive results. Only an integrated and multidisciplinary approach allows to face this complexity and to effectively consider and integrate social and economic assessments in order to achieve effective, innovative, solid, shareable and above all sustainable solutions.