Our Story

We are colleagues, we are friends, we are different but complementary.

In 2015 we created a group of professionals with heterogeneous training and coming from peculiar experiences, with the aim of creating the best possible multidisciplinary team: dynamic, curious and always looking for new challenges.

We share a common vision of the world and we work every day to try to project into the future the spirit that drove us towards this adventure: we want to develop effective projects that bring people and resources together towards common goals.

Some would call it “social innovation”.

I AM Progettazione was therefore born in 2015 first as a group of professionals within the company I AM, then in May 2018 it became Alterevo S.r.l.s, a company responsible for the brand I AM Progettazione within the I AM Group.

But beyond the surface, we are project managers, entrepreneurs, developers and researchers and we work all over Europe with our partners, because this is our history and our great peculiarity. We build bridges and value, and we know the best tools to do so.