We help public and private stakeholders to address shared problems or needs in a structured and productive way, supporting them in making decisions through participatory approaches.

Participatory process management, i.e. facilitation, is the art of organizing groups of people interested in making decisions or generating specific products through the experiences, knowledge and interactions of the group members, starting from a shared need/problem. With facilitation you can reach collective products in a relatively short time, you can make decisions with a participatory, shared, plural approach including all points of view, as well as all priorities, interests and specificities.

We do not propose a standard path, but a tailor-made service based on customer’s needs, which will be analyzed and interpreted during the first contact meetings (customized facilitation service).

Within this area, we therefore provide the following services:

  • Participatory processes facilitation service, of variable duration (from a few hours to a few days) according to a “client-specific” approach, provided by a single professional or team of facilitators in a free or informal space. It represents a targeted intervention in terms of accelerating towards consensus or specific results. It is used in meetings (assemblies, councils, working groups, etc…); in economic contexts (constitution of consortia, joint ventures, new collaborations, analysis for the creation of foundations and associations); in the simulation of new organizational, cooperative, training, associative formulas and much more. The consultant-facilitator is an expert in reading the “intangibles” and in overcoming disciplinary, mental, cultural and hierarchical barriers. Without a top-down approach, the facilitator knows how to turn differences into opportunities.
  • Communication plan management service for the entire participatory process,when communicating the results both externally (citizens, stakeholders, etc.) and internally (among the members of the work group) is a fundamental activity to involve, encourage discussion, inform, feed the debates and ultimately multiply the effectiveness of the whole process.