Project Design

Dall'idea al progetto, dal progetto all'impatto

We support public and private entities in the development, coordination, administrative management, reporting and monitoring of complex projects. We have unique expertise in projects financed with European funds.

Well begun is half done. Therefore, project design and project management phases are essential to achieve desired impacts.

We are able to manage, monitor and report activities and financial flows; coordinate public and private partnerships at local, national and in particular international level; but also plan short-, medium- and long-term objectives and results to be achieved using dedicated tools and reformulated according to the specific characteristics and needs of the project and client. And above all, we put together different initiatives creating productive synergies that are able to give sustainability and complementarity to the results achieved.

Within this area, we therefore provide the following services:

  • Drafting of customized Roadmaps, capable of cross-referencing customer’s needs and development perspectives with existing funding lines (on local, regional, national or European level);
  • “Turnkey” project design: specialist support from the idea to the submission of the project proposal, going through the construction of the budget and the completion of the form;
  • Reasoned monitoring and “customized” information on local, regional, national or European / International funding opportunities;
  • Creation of partnerships, especially on European / International level, to be involved in complex projects, including procedure management related to the access to the project;
  • Coordination of complex projects, including partnership management and the construction of a Local Action Plan listing general project’s actions on the area of competence, working groups’ management and project reporting;
  • Administrative and financial management support for complex projects, especially those financed with European funds (direct or inderect funding);
  • Qualitative assessment of projects at the stage of proposal submission, along with specific improvement plans, risk-identification and management plans;
  • Insertion in consortia connected to underway projects, including the completion of all procedures and practices related to the access to the project proposals.