Municipality of Sarmede – Association for Twinning


March 2018
November 2018

Financing Line

Europe for Citizens Programme 2014-2020


Project Design, Management and Coordination, Communication

Project Description

CIRCLE Project, co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme 2014 – 2020, introduces the concept of “circular citizen” to define a citizen capable of activating a “sustainable thinking” on Europe, a citizen able to read and understand EU history, even recent, highlighting positive factors and treasuring negative ones, in practice “recycling” them. Within the Twinning between Sarmede and Cocumont, the project intends to re-elaborate past experiences of emigration, effort, suffering and distance from loved ones in order to better understand how difficult it is to foster dialogue between citizens from different countries, but also how in the long run this can enrich not only the protagonists of these events, but also their areas of origin. From the circular economy, then, to circular citizenship.