Volontarinsieme CSV Treviso


April 2018
June 2020

Financing Line

COGE Call for proposals


Design, Training, Mentoring, Coaching, Evaluation

Project Description

Note a Margine (margin notes) is a social co-design initiative financed by Co.Ge – Management Committee of the Special Fund for Volunteering in Veneto, which has as leader at regional level Volontarinsieme CSV Treviso. Launched in spring 2016, the project entered its implementation phase in April 2018.

Notes to Margine starts from the fact that economic or relational marginality represents a condition that is progressively spreading among people and that the role of Volunteering Organizations as decisive subjects is increasingly fundamental in the processes of flanking the mechanisms of “organized solidarity”.

Note a Margine develops in the provinces of Treviso, Belluno, Padova, Rovigo, with particular attention to the peripheral areas, where situations of marginality end up being more acute. Within this territory, volunteering organizations have been divided according to their areas of intervention, and have decided to work in three subgroups dedicated to the following themes: unemployed adults, isolated elderly people and people with physical or cognitive disabilities.


The purpose of Note a Margine is not to promote completely new projects, but rather to enhance, through a concrete and structured plan, experiences and initiatives already active, supporting the efforts already undertaken in the perspective of co-design and networking.

In order to drastically reduce the dispersion of resources, Note a Margine aims to support a limited number of Key Projects capable of generating innovation within existing initiatives and promoted by the Volunteering Organizations that expressed themselves in the initial consultation phase. The project will have the task of involving and supporting other Volunteering Organizations and other structured entities (public and private) that deal with the same issue and are active in the different provinces of Veneto Vregion, with the aim of creating mixed networks increasing the impact of the promoted actions, rationalizing resources and improving service quality.