Municipality of Valdobbiadene – CESCOT Veneto


September 2014
November 2014

Financing Line

Regional Fund for Commercial Districts


Commercial revitalization plan for the municipalities of Valdobbiadene and Pederobba

Project Description

The Municipalities of Valdobbiadene and Pederobba, together with trade and services companies and organizations, have created a new Territorial Commercial District, called “Duplavilis – le terre del Piave”. The initiative is part of a wider strategy of territorial development planned by the two municipalities in order to revitalize trade, production activities and services in their territory. From this context of collaboration comes the idea of the creation of a “widespread territorial Commercial District”, as an area of supra-communal level favoured by the union of several municipalities in which public bodies, trade associations and individual businesses are able to make commerce a factor of integration and enhancement of all the resources available to the territory. The District becomes a tool to increase its attractiveness, regenerate urban fabric and support the competitiveness of its commercial polarities through the realization of initiatives and events involving tourists, residents and visitors of the District as well as communication and marketing campaigns. Through the systematization of the points of commercial, cultural and tourist relevance that are not sufficiently explored in their high potential, the administrations intend to coagulate under a single coalition interests and possibilities that can allow to improve the offer of a territory in all its articulations.