Municipality of Vittorio Veneto


April 2016
June 2016

Financing Line

Municipal Funds


Design, Dossier Editing, Research

Project Description

The critical reflection underlying Vittorio Veneto’s candidacy as Capital of Culture 2018 led the city to base its cultural revival on an interesting paradox: to demonstrate, exactly when the Centenary of the Great War is celebrated, that Vittorio Veneto is also much more. A city alive and rich in culture, but also capable of involving the territory and networking. 2018 will not only be an occasion to commemorate the Centenary of Victory, but a “time” dedicated to a crucial reflection on how to revitalize Vittorio Veneto’s roots and rediscover the reasons to reinforce them from a propulsive point of view. The Project for Vittorio Veneto Italian Capital of Culture 2018 was an opportunity to start an integrated planning path with a very wide consultation action. This participatory process, initiated by the Municipal Administration, involved more than 50 local associations and more than 80 public and private “stakeholders” in the area to promote: A) an innovative and coordinated cultural offer able to enhance the territory by sharing the specific objectives of the programme and the expected results; B) the creation of a network to support and sustain the initiative through a multi-level governance system, defining roles and competences to determine not only the effective promotion and elaboration of the project, but also its implementation and the punctual monitoring of the results. The role of IAM in the application was to coordinate the participatory project (triangulation between the Municipality, local actors and technicians) and to draw up the Dossier.