January 2015
February 2015

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ESF ROP Veneto 2014-2020 – Garanzia Giovani


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Project Description

The general objective of NEET-WORK on ICT project is to respond to the requests for specific professions in the IT field by companies in Veneto region with an offer of young, specially trained and competent NEETs. In order to do so, the project has the following specific training objectives: A) To activate a close network collaboration between the “training sector”, the “job services sector” and companies not only in the IT sector; B) To carve out a key role for enterprises operating in the IT and new technologies sector; C) To offer a range of “smart” training opportunities embracing the entire professional panorama of this sector, ranging from professionals characterized by a specific profile, e.g. developers and programmers, to be addressed to companies operating in the ICT sector, to professionals characterized by transversal profiles, e.g. network managers, business intelligence experts, to be addressed to any company using ICT tools; D) Involve a segment of NEET as wide as possible, from the young unemployed who has just finished school to the newly graduated, up to the young school drop-out; creating coherent, effective but “diversified” training programmes in the ICT sector, both in terms of specific knowledge entry levels and in terms of basic skills required to carry out their jobonce they enter the labour market.