SIC-APP: Converging Information Systems for Public Administrations of the Province of Padua


Province of Padua



April 2021
August 2022

Financing Line

ERDF ROP 2014-2020 Axis 2 (Digital Agenda)


Project Design

Project Description

The SIC-APP project is presented by the Local Aggregator for the Digital Agenda of Padua (Province of Padua, Municipality of Padua and the Federation of Municipalities of Camposampiero Area) in network with other 30 institutions of the territory. The project aims at implementing strategic measures of rationalisation and consolidation of regional information systems and support the deployment in the Paduan municipalities of advanced digital services defined as Digital Rights Essential Levels thanks to institutional and applicative collaboration practices. In general terms, the project intends to support the ongoing processes of digital transformation in the Public Administration based on the Triennial Plan for 2019-2021